It’s Befriending Week (1 – 7 November 2018).

Befriending Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness of befriending and to publicly recognise and thank our volunteers for all that they do to brighten up the lives of the individuals they support. Stanley Befrienders help beat loneliness and build community connections. 

Thank you to all our befrienders!

If you’d like to volunteer or if you or someone you know would like the social support of a volunteer befriender please contact Laura. Email:   Phone/ Text : 07712 219 261

Volunteer Befriending Service – helping to reduce loneliness.

Loneliness and social isolation are terms that we hear and read about increasingly.  Anyone can be lonely or socially isolated and it can impact negatively on their health and well-being. Research suggests that loneliness and social isolation can have a similar detrimental effect  on health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

One way to help people reconnect with others in their local community and improve their well-being is through the support of a volunteer befriender. Supported by Perth & Kinross Council, Stanley Development Trust operates a successful, small-scale befriending service for residents in the village and surrounding rural area. Our service beats loneliness with the help of small group of volunteer befrienders who do a brilliant job by spending time with people who are lonely due to illness, advancing years, bereavement, disability, or mental health issues.  It’s a free service and anyone can make a referral to it (self-referral too).

Volunteer befrienders meet regularly with the person receiving support and do things together that they both enjoy.  Some examples of activities are: going for a coffee and a chat / a drive in the country/ cinema trip / going for a walk / doing crosswords and puzzles / joining a local group / shopping trip.

Here is a quote from someone who used the service: “It’s good to speak to someone outside the family. It gives me a different perspective on things.”

Our volunteer befrienders come from all walks of life and each has their own reason for wanting to help.  Volunteer befrienders are caring, non-judgemental, good listeners, confidential, and supportive of people.  Our volunteer befrienders receive training and support for the role.  All provide references and all are members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG).