All about the I.T. Crowd – our story.

This new project has helped bring young and older people in Stanley together with a common goal- to master digital technology. All sorts of devices were conquered in our efforts to teach the members of the IT Crowd to use their machines independently; iPads, tablets (not the edible kind), mobile phones and laptops.

The idea for IT support sessions came from Stanley Lunch Club participants. Around the same time Stanley Development Trust became aware of local young people looking for a volunteering opportunity for their Duke of Edinburgh Award and so brought the project together. Participation in the D of E Award is completely voluntary and is meant both for a sense of accomplishment and to  boost one’s CV.

Over the course of the 14 sessions, the 4 young participants provided IT support to 11 older people. The young people have not only learned from their students but have been able to complete their volunteering sections of the D of E Bronze Award. For those participating and learning, the course of sessions has broadened the horizons of communication and just what technology can be used to do. The sessions have helped various people, not only with the use of technology, but with the many social aspects between differing generations.

“It’s a kind of generational bridge that I think needs to exist in communities.” Young person.

The swapping of roles between the teenagers and their elders has helped both. The teenagers have been able to learn from and grow from the experiences of their newfound pupils, and these pupils are now able to use their devices and can connect better with family and friends in ways previously unknown.

Here’s what participants said about the project:-

“It’s been such a rewarding experience being able to see the improvement of the members and help them overcome difficulties so they can use technology confidently! It has also been great fun every week!”   Young person.

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our regular members over the past three months and it has helped us develop many skills, some of which we didn’t even know we had such as teaching, communication and IT skills.” Young people.

“I know how to work some aspects, such as texting on the phone. I have gained knowledge thanks to the D of E students.”  Older person.

” I enjoy being with young people. I am happy that they will give their time to put up with  old folk!”. Older person.

Congratulations to the D of E students on successfully completing their Bronze Award volunteering sections. Thanks for all your help and commitment to the project and for making it such a success.