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Latest news from Stanley Time Bank
Time Bankers are keeping busy helping each other with all sorts of everyday tasks and chores. Here’s the latest newsletter.   Enjoy the read. Stanley Time Bank Times No. 6



Time Banking is a community based scheme which promotes mutual support using time as its currency.   Time Banks bring the community together and reward people for the help they provide to others in their neighbourhood.  For every hour of help you give you receive 1 time credit.  1 hour = 1 time credit. You use these credits to receive the help you’d like.  You can help with whatever skills or services you would like to share with others.  Everyone has something to offer and everyone’s time is valued equally.

Time Bank members give and receive all sorts of services, such as using computers, simple repairs, ironing, baking, lifts to hospital, waiting in for a parcel, sewing, and running errands.  Example:  spend an hour dog walking for someone and you can ask for someone to do an hour of gardening for you.

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Time Bank social – 27th April.

Great fun was had at last night’s Time Bank social which had a ‘bring-it-have-it-fixed’ theme and a book swap. Members brought along household and clothing items for repair and alteration. Among a range of activities dress hems were pinned up; a broken music stand was fixed; bicycle tyres inflated; tea pot lid glued back together; and a holed jumper stitched up. Thanks to all the ‘fixers’ and ‘menders’. It was lovely to welcome Stanley and District Men’s Shed to the event – thanks guys for all your help too. Other Time Bank exchanges were requested and our Time Brokers will be busy over the next wee while matching up members to help with the requests.

The event was a chance for some of the newer members of the Time Bank to meet others and get to know what a wonderful asset Time Banking is to life in Stanley.

A ‘bring and share’ supper and refreshments rounded off a very busy, enjoyable, and social evening. Thanks to Susan Myles for the use of Stanley Bowling Club and for running the bar for us.

March 2017

Latest newsletter

Stanley Time Bank Times No.5

4th birthday- the Time Bank  marked its 4th birthday with reaching the milestone of 4,000 hours clocked up by members since the start in March 2013. Fantastic news! That’s a huge amount of good neighbourliness going on in Stanley.  New members are always welcome. For more information contact the Time Brokers email  or come along to the drop-in, every Wednesday 2.30pm-4pm, at Stanley Bowling Club.

August 2016

Time Bank Summer Social and Bowling took place on Wednesday 31st August. It was a fun evening hosted by Stanley Bowling Club whose bowlers very kindly gave up their evening to run a taster session for Time Bank members and guests. We are very grateful to Susan Myles and her team for their hospitality, coaching and good humour when putting us through our paces!

Many of us were trying bowling for the first time and by the end of the session there were definitely quite a few people who were showing promise and who may have caught the bowling bug! Testament to the high quality coaching.

After trying to put a bowl near the jack, knock down the giant skittles (not as easy as it looks), or run a bowl up the wedge and into one of the many holes everyone retired to the clubhouse for a refreshment and a bite from the Bring and Share buffet. Thanks to everyone for their delicious contributions.

It was lovely to see old and new friends enjoying themselves. Four new Time Bank members were signed up and requests for exchanges were made. Thanks to the Time Brokers and to everyone who came along for helping to make it such a splendid evening.

June 2016

Ask A Broker is the topic for the summer 2016 edition of the Stanley Time Bank newsletter. All you ever wanted to know about time banking in a series of Q&As. It’s a good read.  Stanley Time Bank Times No. 4

Not a Stanley Time Bank member? Contact a Broker for more information about this local asset to everyday life in the community.

May 2016

Stanley Time Bank is celebrating an incredible 3,000 hours of exchanges between members since the launch in March 2013. That’s a lot neighbourliness going on the village – around a 1,000 hours per year. Keep up the exchanges by asking a Broker to arrange for someone to help with everyday tasks.

Not a Time Bank member?  It’s free to join the Time Bank. It’s a great way to get help with all those wee jobs you’ve been meaning to get to round to but haven’t had the time to do, or just don’t enjoy doing!

Contact Val, Fiona, or Judith for more information:  or pop in to see us at the weekly drop-in. Wednesdays, 2.30pm-4pm, Stanley Bowling Club.

At the drop-in you can find out what Time Banking is all about…………………………………………..

  • Have a chat with a  Time Broker
  • Register as a Time Bank member
  • Request a Time Bank exchange
  • Meet other Time Bank members
  • Find out about the Volunteer Befriending Service

Leaflets about the Time Bank are available from Stanley Post Office.


Another successful year for Stanley Care & Well-being Project

Stanley Development Trust is pleased to publish the findings of the 2015 evaluation of the Care & Well-being project.

Click this link to read a summary of the report SUMMARY Care & Well-being Project 2015 Evaluation

This internal evaluation of the Care and Wellbeing Project has found that it continues to build social capital through interactions between people which generate a sense of community spirit and wellbeing. And it continues to identify and unlock capacity and human capital, assets held by people in the community.

The Time Bank is attracting new members.  The upward trend in hours recorded and in the number of exchanges in Year 2 illustrate that it continues to be well used by the membership, thus helping to meet local needs. Members are requesting more, regular information about the type of exchanges between members. Raising awareness of what members have to offer and of members’ needs should help to sustain and even increase the amount of exchange.

The befriending service continues to attract volunteers and referrals, the latter increasingly from local organisations and individuals in the village. The service provides social support to older, socially isolated people making a real difference to those using the service and to their families.

In the past year the project has become more integrated into wider community activities in the village, and has worked in collaboration with several local organisations, charities and authorities.

The Care and Wellbeing Project enters Year 3 in a healthy state on which to build and develop in line with the needs of the community.

“It’s a fantastic addition to Stanley, has released lots of local skills and makes people feel valued.” Time Bank member

 Stanley Time Bank 2nd birthday event

Members enjoyed a social evening in the Village Hall on 23rd April 2015 in celebration of Stanley Time Bank’s 2nd birthday.

We were delighted to welcome special guests Bernadette Malone, Chief Executive of Perth and Kinross Council; John Gilruth, Depute Director of Community Care; Christine Grace Time Bank Coordinator Voluntary Action Perthshire, and local councillor Barbara Vaughan who all joined in the fun.

A video from Time Banking UK entertained the gathering with a story of Raoul, a trendy young black man who is a wizard on computers, and Minnie, an older white lady who is very handy with a needle and thread.  Raoul needed someone to stich his torn jumper and Minnie needed someone to help her work her computer. Guess what? They are both members of a time bank and the broker brought them together. Raoul’s jumper was darned by Minnie and after some lessons from Raoul she is now more confident using her computer.

Members made quite a few time bank exchanges before listening to an inspiring address from Ms Malone who is very supportive of the Care and Well-being project and other work of Stanley Development Trust.

The birthday cake was piped in by Vivienne (time bank member). Ms Malone cut the cake (baked by Win, a time bank member) and everyone then enjoyed the delicious buffet supplied by the Tayside Hotel.


Autumn 2014 update from Stanley Time Bank

Our membership now stands at 81  (75 individuals and 6 organisations and groups).  Since we launched in March 2013 members have clocked up an amazing 1600 hours helping each other and the community.
A copy of the new Time Bank leaflet (and a copy of the Trust’s walks leaflet) has been delivered to every household in the village.  Thank you to the Time Bank members who helped to organise and distribute the leaflets.    New members have signed up as a result of the promotion which is great news.
The Time Bank has been busy over the summer with lots of interesting exchanges taking place.  Cooking and baking, pet care, gardening, and sewing remain popular activities and following the good summer the healthy harvest of fruit and veg has resulted in a lot of jam and chutney making.
We are working on our plans for Winter Watch, an annual campaign which helps vulnerable people in spells of wintry weathers. Winter Watchers help by clearing paths of snow and ice, collect prescriptions and do bits of shopping for people who find it difficult to get out and about when conditions are bad.   
Our project to produce a community directory for Stanley is complete.  The directory is available on the Trust’s website and hard copies are available from local outlets.

Summer Social Update

The summer social was a great success.  Around 25 people came along to mix and mingle and enjoy a game of Kurling (indoor curling).  The new Stanley Time Bank leaflet was launched.  Everyone enjoyed tea and cake whilst celebrating Stanley Time Bank’s part in the gold award winning entry at  Perth and Kinross Council’s Securing the Future Awards.  The glass trophy was on display at the social.

Volunteers’ Week      1st-7th June 2014   Time to say thank you……

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the contribution that volunteers make across the UK.

Stanley Time Bank would like to mark the week by thanking its members for all the voluntary time and effort they put into helping each other and improving the quality of life and the environment in and around the village.

Thank you all for helping to make the Time Bank such a success.  Special thanks are due to the Time Brokers Val and Fiona for doing such a sterling job of running the time bank.”    Laura Baird, Project Coordinator.

1,000 hours on the clock!

We are delighted to announce that Stanley Time Bank Members have clocked up an amazing 1,000 hours of help since the launch of the time bank in March 2013.  This milestone was reached in May 2014.  Some of the most popular activities that time bank members help each other with include: helping at social and community events in the village, dog walking and pet care, gardening and plant watering, cooking and baking, and visiting housebound people.   If you fancy getting involved in this growing movement – our membership has increased to 69 – why not drop us an email to or phone / text Laura on 07712219261.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you.


A large turnout of people joined in the recent celebrations at Stanley Village Hall to mark the 1st birthday of the Stanley Time Bank.  And what a year it has been!  The Time Bank has a growing membership of around 60 people of all ages who give and receive practical help with everyday tasks.  Local voluntary groups have joined the Time Bank too.  Together members have clocked up an amazing 850 hours of help, a measure of how much goodwill and neighbourliness there is in the village. 

  Laura Baird, Project Coordinator, said, “The village has really taken the concept of Time Banking to its heart.   Members are helping each other with an incredible range of activities.  The project has helped to unlock a great deal of local capacity.  Members tell us that they are meeting new people through the Time Bank and that they feel that they are contributing to the wellbeing of people in the village.”

Time Bank members give and receive practical help with everyday tasks such as gardening, general odd jobs, dog walking, chicken minding, using computers, exercise buddy, companionship, baking, and sewing.

Stanley Time Bank welcomes new members.  Local residents can register at the weekly drop-in, held at the Reid Halls, Redgorton & Stanley &  Parish Church, every Wednesday 2.30pm – 4.00pm.  Visit the Time Bank pages on this website for more information or phone Laura on 07712219261.


Credits: birthday cake – Win Reid    photos by Ewan Rawcliffe.  (Time Bank members)



November 2013 – another milestone reached – 500 hours of Time Banking!


It’s been a while since we last told you about what’s happening at Stanley Time Bank.  Wow, have we been busy?!  We are delighted to announce that Time Bank members have clocked up an amazing 500 hours since the start in March 2013.  We’ve been busy with all sorts of exchanges.  Have a look at this list to see what Time Bank members have been doing to help each other and the local community.

Advocacy support      Basic metal work     Befriending      Community committee meetings   Computers / IT         Cooking & baking

Countryside conservation     Craft work       Delivering leaflets        Dog walking / pet care            Escorting people to appointments    

Exercise / running buddy   Flower arranging      Gardening        General odd jobs   Helping with social events      Painting and drawing

Pet sitting / care      Plant watering    Providing local knowledge    Sewing    Simple decorating     Simple home repairs 

Time broking       Using cars (lifts to hospital)        Walking group        Washing and ironing

If you fancy getting involved and giving and receiving help with these types of activities and more please just ask a Time Broker or come along to the drop-in.  It’s held every Wednesday 2.30pm-4.00pm in Stanley Bowling Club.  We look forward to seeing you.




August 2013

Latest news from Stanley Time Bank –   63 members and 270 hours clocked up by Time Bank members!

Fantastic news…………the Time Bank continues to grow and more and more exciting exchanges are taking place.

The Time Brokers are having a busy and successful summer.  They’ve been hard at work signing up new members and matching up requests for help.   As a result membership now stands at 63 and some 270 hours have been clocked up.

Recent exchanges include dog sitting; garden furniture renovation; gardening; weed identification; baking; and more chickens have been well looked by a family of enthusiastic chicken minders!

The popular drop-in on a Wednesday afternoon in the Bowling Club is open now from 2.30pm – 4.00pm.    The drop-in offers the opportunity  to meet a timebroker, discuss requests for services from the timebank, sign up new members, get other info and enjoy a cuppa too.

Why not join this growing movement in the village and give and receive help with all sorts of every day tasks?  We look forward to seeing you at the drop-in.

Befriending project

Stanley Development Trust has set up a befriending project in the village.  The project aims to provide support through the involvement of volunteer befrienders to people and families who are challenged by illness, disability, or crisis and those at risk of social isolation, including individuals whose lifestyle or conduct gives rise to problems for themselves or others.

June 2013 

Milestones reached – 50 members and 100 hours of good neighbourliness.

It’s all go at the Stanley Time Bank.  Local people really have taken the concept of sharing time and skills to their hearts.  Membership currently stands at 50 and a couple of local organisations have joined recently.   Members have clocked up a staggering 100 hours of good neighbourliness.

Project Coordinator, Laura Baird said “We are delighted that so many people have registered as Time Bank members.  Members are helping each other with all sorts of activities including chicken minding, sewing, fixing computer problems, baking, simple household repairs, music and art tuition.  It’s amazing what people have to offer each other.  We are off to a great start and we encourage people to get involved in this exciting, new initiative.”

Here are just some of the benefits of being a Time Bank member:

  • Having a flexible volunteering opportunity – you can help when you can, there is no commitment to specific days or times
  • Meeting new people
  • Getting help from a member when you need it  – you can receive help before you’ve earned time credits
  • Receiving time credits for other voluntary work in Stanley
  • It’s free to join
Gardeners wanted!

We’ve had quite a few requests for gardeners – so if you or someone you know has a few hours to spare and would like to run a mower over someone’s grass, do a bit of light weeding, or water plants please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

How to get information about the Time Bank

For more information about Stanley Time Bank please contact Laura on 07712219261 or email  or call in for a coffee and a chat at the weekly drop-in session Wednesdays 2.30pm-4pm, in the Reid Halls, Stanley.

Laura is available to speak to local groups about time banking.

The Time Bank is run by Stanley Development Trust and funded by Perth & Kinross Council.     

Stanley Development Trust launched the Stanley Time Bank  on Monday 4th March 2013 

Stanley Time Bank got off to a resounding start at its launch in the Village Hall in March 2013.   Around 55 people attended the event and showed their support for this exciting, new initiative in the village.  Participants enjoyed the fun packed evening and chatted about how the Time Bank will benefit the village.  This thirsty work was rewarded with a cup of tea and a slice of the delicious, celebratory, clock-shaped cake baked by one of the Time Bank members.

The Time Bank is central to Stanley Development Trust’s Care and Well-being Project, which is being supported by Perth & Kinross Council, and addresses some of the priorities identified by local residents in a recent consultation exercise.  The bank’s currency is time – the time members give and receive for helping one another with everyday tasks such as shopping, driving, dog walking, gardening, baking and passing skills onto others.

Project Coordinator, Laura Baird said “We were delighted with the turnout for the launch.  This demonstrates the community’s support for the Time Bank. Stanley already is a thriving community with a lot of good neighbourliness within it. The Time Bank will build on this by uniting people of all ages to help one another for the good of everyone who lives in the village and the surrounding rural area.”

Twenty four people have joined the Time Bank in its first month of operation and exchanges of time are happening.    The more members there are, the more the Time Bank has to offer the community.   Individual, family and organisational memberships are available.   See above link for a list of Stanley Time Bank activities.

Background to the Time Bank and related projects

The Stanley Community Action Plan, developed by the community in 2010 identified a number of key priorities.  Amongst these were to develop more activities and facilities in Stanley, to build community spirit and to address anti-social behaviour.  Stanley Development Trust has now secured funding from Perth & Kinross Council to develop an innovative community led project.

The aim of the Project is to enhance the well-being of everyone who lives in Stanley and the surrounding area through the development of voluntary initiatives that promote choice, inter-dependence and compliment and offer alternatives to existing community networks and statutory services.
A core element of the project is the establishment of a sustainable Time-Banking scheme which is founded on the principles of reciprocity and encourages neighbourliness, mutual support and recognition of the capacity of everyone of us to make available some of our spare time for others.