Stanley Tenants and Residents Association are to hold a “Special general Meeting” in the Stanley Village hall on the 2nd February 2015 from 7.30pm to 9pm.
Please note this meeting has been cancelled due to the health of the chairperson.
The community can keep up to date with STAR’s activities on their Facebook page
The first part of the meeting will discuss everyday issues and as soon as AOB (Any other Business) is finished, we would like to ask the members who have attended to help us review and amend our Constitution where necessary.
The Secretary has drafted a “Copy Constitution” which shows what is stated at present and what the suggestions are but members present will be able to debate and agree what they feel is “right” for modern day Stanley.

Everyone welcome.

If anyone requests any info, please contact email or Tel 01738 827668

Derek Wilkie

Secretary & Treasurer.