Voter registration forms will soon be dropping through letterboxes across Perth & Kinross and you are being urged to return yours as soon as possible to make sure you don’t lose your vote.

Each year the Electoral Registration Officer must produce a list of names and addresses of people eligible to vote in local and Parliamentary elections. This is called the register of electors. The register is the basis of our democracy, so an accurate register is very important.

Your local Electoral Registration Officer, Mr John Galbraith and his staff will be sending forms to households in Angus/Perth & Kinross over the coming weeks to compile the electoral register. If you haven’t received your form by 3 September 2012, you can contact your Electoral Registration Officer on 01738 630303.

Mr Galbraith said: “Registering to vote is very simple. All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone in your household who is eligible to vote and is resident in the household as of 15 October 2012.

“If your details haven’t changed you can simply reply by text, internet or by phone.

“You can also return the form to us as soon as possible in the pre-paid envelope provided.

“You do not have to wait until 15 October to return the form but should your details happen to change after you have already returned the form, you should call or write to The Electoral Registration Officer to let him know of the change.

“Young electors are sometimes missed from the Register so householders should remember to include the names and dates of birth of residents who are currently only 16 or 17 years old, or will be 16 years old by 15 October 2012 to ensure that they will be eligible to vote as soon as they reach their 18thbirthday.

“There was a lot of interest in this year’s local government election and we were pleased with the increase in registration shortly before polling day. However, some people may not realise that they have to register every year.

“It is important that you complete and return the registration form so you’re able to take part in any upcoming local and national elections or referendums.”

It is the law that every house must complete the form.

On your electoral registration form you can opt to have your name and address excluded from the edited register. This will mean your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

For more information contact your local Electoral Registration Officer on 01738 630303